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monday: double cease day is not enough rest, how can immediately class? this day seem to feel depressed, be in the blues. i have english lessons carefully, otherwise all day bad. tuesday: today, also count on duty points, ouyang tian said that i

Tom parents died young from Aunt Polly adoption. Tom can not stand smart naughty school teacher Aunt Polly and bundles , and often truant . Late one night , he and his friend Huckleberry Finn to the cemetery to try guts , but accidentally witnessed

Do not treat your children as experimental article,please pay attention on The Food Safety Do not be a chinese child 你想干什么用呢 看样子 你好像很想用地道的英语去回答 也就是不用我们所学的 那种固定句式的 对吗

你好!以下是翻译:the development of computer technology, 3d animation techniques in no extent enhanced television advertising visual impact and artistic appeal, television advertisements for a revolution in technology and art. 3d technology

按照传统观念,早期的工作经历能锤炼性格.我们比较了打工很多的学生和打工时间有限或者根本不打工的学生的学习成绩,我们也对比了在学习投入程度方面的不同特征.According to the traditional concept of early work experience can

Make a personalized multimedia courseware first film, this theme has its advantages and its limitations, it is limited in the sense that, any original movies, it will not be used for teaching language, so it's language is very generous, there are a variety

Welcome to Ollivander wand store. Now, let me to introduce our proud of excellent the wand.The first is the savior harry potter's wand, eleven inches, winter aoki, rod heart is the order of the phoenix feathersThe next step is mystery man - voldemort's

This design properties for the design of the hydraulic structures, including the construction of the main gate partially stabilized and structural design, as well as the Chamber floor and other major components of the design. The first combined with the

I know you want a wife like this : understanding , caring and shupporting you . As you said , she will be nice to your kids or not in the future , I know if i'm marry to you later , I have to let you stay at your children's side and look after them whenever you

Americans, would not shake, just smile and say hello, even meet for the first time, Chinese looks for a basic etiquette handshake. But in China, and not too much restricted shake hands, while the United States has certain courtesy. Between men


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