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Ask sb. about sth. 简单问 Inquiry sb. about sth. 质疑,询问 Consult sb. about sth. 咨询

询问某人某事的情况用英语:Asking sb about sth 例句:1 、询问某人对某事是否感兴趣Asking if somebody is interested in something 2、询问某人是否知道某事.Asking if somebody know something. 3、询问某人是否喜欢某事或某人Asking if somebody likes something or somebody else 4、询问某人能否做某事Ask if somebody has the ability to do something

ask sb. for(about) sth.

问某人某事ask somebody for somethingask someone about somethingenquire somebody for somethingenquire someone about about something.

tell sb about sth

How about sb.?What is sb. like?

询问某人做bai某事(什么du工作) ask somebody what he(she) does.ask somebody what his(her) job is.询问zhi某人(是否愿意)做dao某事回答 ask somebody whether he(she) will like to do something.询问(请)某人做某事 ask sb to do sth .

ask sb. about sth. 简单问inquiry sb. about sth. 质疑,询问consult sb. about sth. 咨询

What do you think of the matter?How do you like it?What do you plan to do?I plan to what/how about you?.

与某人谈论关于某人某事talk with sb about something about someone


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