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Dear Mother,Thank you for always supporting me without any conditions.As your son (or daughter) I'd like to appreciate your kindness by this letter.As the exam is near,I hope you can understand my str

Dear Mom: Hello! Mother's Day a few days is that the. Mother's Day, a holy day, however, for the world hundreds of thousands of mothers, is a special day for you. I think in his heart, and that you're ready for what kind of gift do? You for allowing me to

给妈妈的一封信亲爱的妈妈:您好!妈妈去年我是到了一只可爱的小狗,它很可怜,身体有很虚弱,在遇见它的那天,天空不做没,下起了鹅毛大雪,它一身一直颤抖着,我就拿了一件姐姐以前的毛衣,盖在它身上,后来我就用纸箱做了一间小狗的屋子然后用垫子在地下,就把小狗的屋子做得美观,舒适了.后来我一直细心的照顾让它吃蛋黄身体渐渐的回复了,我就开始训练它跑步对它要求很高.如果追不大我,我就会像你打我一样打它,过了一会儿,心也很痛就有对它安慰.可是,好景不长你把它送给了张叔叔,妈妈您明明知道我很喜欢它但是您不让我们在以起,女儿渴望您能.祝 身体健康 万事如意 此致 敬礼 您的女儿:柯雨

dear mom: mom, thank you. mom, when i think of you as i do everything, i will be sitting on a chair slowly memories, until i think of those who cry, sad memories of my time, i even want to rely on your shoulder to cry. mom, i am grateful you have been

Dear Mother,Thank you for always supporting me without any conditions. As your son (or daughter) I'd like to appreciate your kindness by this letter. As the exam is near, I hope you can understand my stressful condition and communicate with me

dear parents you recently had good? i miss you, leaving you already have more than two months, i am in the school all right. my teachers and classmates are very friendly to me. they often help me with my study. now i am learning grades have

Dear parents, How is everything these days? I miss you very much. I am very happy at my new shool. My teachers and shoolmates are very friendly to me .They ofen help me with my study.Now I am not worried about my English because I make a lot of

Dear mom and dad,This is my first time in the form of letters to express my feelings to you.Because of you I'm always afraid to face the front of the expression, for which I am sorry.I really love you, and be grateful to you.Thank you for giving me life, it



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