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修饰可数名词:many, a lot of, lots of, a number of, a great number of, 修饰不可数名词much, a lot of, lots of, a great amount of , a great deal of, a bit of 谢谢采纳.

many;a lot of

total all whole(这个更倾向于“全部”的意思) altogether 表示总共的短语:in all in the lump in number in the aggregate all told at all 希望有你可以采用的

????上册还是下册? 我这有上册的 八年级英语上册单词表 Unit 1 第一单元单词及短语 1. how often 多久一次2.exercise锻炼;运动v.&n .3.skateboard.踩滑板;参加滑板运动v 4.hardly.几乎不;几乎没有adv5.ever.曾;曾经adv6.shop.购物v7.

their happiness, anger, grief and joy by means of talking and singing in their own language, which later became the earliest simple folk tune. With the rapid development of human society, this kind of language art had been improved a lot, thus “

[人教版]八年级英语上册单词表 Unit 1 第一单元单词及短语 1. how often 多久一次2.exercise锻炼;运动v.&n .3.skateboard.踩滑板;参加滑板运动v 4.hardly.几乎不;几乎没有adv5.ever.曾;曾经adv6.shop.购物v7.once.一次adv8.twice.两次;两倍

Unit 4 What's the best movie theater?theater ['θt],['θi:tr] (=theatre) n.戏院;剧场p.25 comfortable ['kmf(r) tbl] adj.使人舒服的;舒适的 p.25 seat [sit] n.座位;坐处(如椅子等) p.25 screen [skrin] n.银幕;屏幕 p.25 close [kl

(1) R&B R&B的全名是 Rhythm & Blues,一般译作“节奏怨曲”或“节奏布鲁斯”. 广义上, R&B可视为“黑人的流行音乐”,它源於黑人的 Blues音乐,是现今西行流行乐和摇滚乐的基础, Billboard杂志曾介定 R&B为,所有黑人音乐除了

The human nose has given to the language of the world many interesting expressions. 在世界的语言里,有很多有趣的表达是与人们的鼻子有关的Of course, this is not surprising.当然,这并不让人惊讶. Without the nose, we could not breathe or


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