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1. Never say die.永不言败.2.No cross, no crown.不经历风雨,怎么见彩虹.3.New wine in old bottles.旧瓶装新酒.4.Never too old to learn, never too late to turn.亡羊补牢,为时未晚.5.No garden without its weeds.没有不长草的园子.6.No

1 his grades and likes to play, I just like him 2 we will work till next week 3 I is not less than night of others 4 he English exam 5. I will try to focus on learning 6. He is very experienced in teaching 7. He trained using this method in his ear 8 I don't agree

You never know what you can do till you try 不试怎知你不行呢? You cannot catch old birds with chaff 姜是老的辣;老鸟不上当. Let sleeping dogs lie 让睡的狗躺著;勿惹是生非;勿打草惊蛇. Never judge by appearances 人不可貌相;不

1、mary丢了他上周买的书. mary lost her books that bought last week. 改: mary lost her books that were bought last week. 书是被买的. 2、说英语很好的女孩来自于纽约. the girl who speaks english very well is come from new york. 改: the girl

All for one, one for all. 人人为我,我为人人. [法] Dumas pére大仲马 Other men live to eat, while I eat to live. 别人为食而生存,我为生存而食. Socrates 苏格拉底 Easy come, easy go. 易得者亦易失. Hazlitt赫斯特 Love rules his

temper, if ungoverned, governs the whole man. 放纵性情,失去自我. the best remedy for a short temper is a long walk. 慢行降急火. trust is the single most important factor in both personal and professional relationships. 为人做事,信任至上.

1. Pain past is pleasure. (过去的痛苦就是快乐.)[无论多么艰难一定要咬牙冲过去,将来回忆起来一定甜蜜无比.] 2. While there is life, there is hope. (有生命就有希望/留得青山在,不怕没柴烧.) 3. Wisdom in the mind is better than

Do you remember your dreams ? Do people have the same dreams ?Why do me dream ? there are many questions about dreams .We dream during the REM stage of sleep .We have about five periods of REM sleep during the night .THE fist REM


1.我叔叔工作的地方. 翻译:place where(in which) my uncle works 2.天气寒冷的国家. 翻译:country with cold weater\country whose weather is cold 3有美味食物的餐馆. 翻译:restaurant which has delicious(tasty) food 4.你能找出你生活的城市


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