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i miss you,god is a girl ,trouble is a friend.纯音乐可以听班德瑞的.

如果没有你 - 萧敬腾词:李焯雄/左安安曲:左安安hey我真的好想你现在窗外面又开始下着雨眼睛干干的有想哭的心情不知道你现在到底在哪里hey我真的好想你太多的情绪 没适当的表情最想说的话我该从何说起你是否也像我一样在想你如果没

额噢噢饿嗯.一男一女唱的oh, well. one man and one woman.

这个是rolling in the deep


贾斯汀比伯、 、baby 吧

看起来像是《animals》maroon 5

1234If I find him if i just followWould he hold me and never let me goWould he let me borrow his old winter coatI don't knowI don't knowIf I see her standing there aloneAt the train station three stops from her homeI have half a mind to say what I'm

T-ara的《Lovey Dovey》里面那个调子是直接用的,因为也是她们的歌 满意望采纳^^

]As Long As I Got You - Lily AllenIt seems like only yesterdayyou were with somebody elseSoon as it was over thoughI had claimed you for myselfDidn't take me long beforeI had made myself to yoursGlad to leave the past behindand I'm glad to close


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