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agreed ['ri:d] adj. 同意的;通过协议的 v. 同意;赞成(agree的过去式)

【agree】--两种情况!vi.-----------------------------(★不及物动词★)1. 意见一致[(+with/about/on)][W]I don't agree with Phil on many things.我和菲尔在许多事情上意见不一致.2. 同意,赞同[(+to)]I think we should stop; do you agree?我觉得我们

agreed 同意了

mutually agreed 双方同意;双方议定;达成共识的;双方商定 He says any agreement creating a Palestinian state must be based on bordersthat existed before the 1967 Mideast war, but "with mutually agreed swaps" ofland. 他说建立起一个巴

1 Agree的用法 agree后面接介词法比较复杂,常见用法有: (1) 涉及讨论的题目用about. They never agree about politics. 关于政治问题,他们总是意见不一致. (2)要确定一样事情用on. Can we agree on a date for the next meeting? 我们

翻译为 除非另经批准,除非另有商定.给你看一下我笔记中的知识 unless otherwise: 除外.比 “if not”和 “otherwise”表达正式. 该词由两个同义词“ unless” 和“otherwise”组成,otherwise有代词作用,后面一般跟动词的过去分词限定,意为:除非另…….:如“除非合同另有规定”可译为“unless otherwise specified in the contract”, 又如“除非信用证另有规定”可译为“ unless otherwise specified in the letter of credit

语法明显错误,agreed(同意)是动词过去式,不能直接由系动词或the连接. 要写也是is the agreement.(是同意)


Let Agreed等同于Reserved,是已经被订了的意思.并不是“让我们订”的意思.这里的Let是出售让出的意思.

agreed with1.同意某人2.度小月3.我们同意他在会上讲的话4.天涯骚叨客 agreed with sb1.同意某人 agreed with birdgu1.鲲鹏 he agreed with me1.他同意我的看法 he agreed with us1.他同意我们的意见


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