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adv. 出外; 在外, 向外, 离去; 到户外 消失, 完结, 熄灭; 到期 彻底地, 完全地, 从头到尾地 显著地, 突出地 大声地; 清晰地 出故障[毛病]地; 失常地; 混乱地 出世, 发表, 出版; 显露出来 遗漏地 下台[野], 退位 挑[选] 出; (



put out 伸出 It's rude to put out your tongues at people. 对人吐舌头是不礼貌的. 扑灭; 熄灭 They quickly put out the fire. 他们迅速将火扑灭. 生产; 制造 The engine puts out thirty horsepower. 这台发动机可产生30马力. 出版; 发行; 发布

[英汉医学词典]out [aut] 解链曲线图,热变性曲线图 [英汉通用词典]out [aut] a. 外面的, 熄灭的, 结束的; ad. 在外, 熄灭, 出现; prep. 出自, 离去, 向

1. 出现The moon came out from behind the clouds. 月亮从云后露出脸来. 2. 出版When will his new novel come out? 他新创作的小说什么时候出版? 3. 结果是The party came out all right. 晚会开得很好. 4. 传出When the news came out,

很多意思,对待,请客,治疗等,例如:he treated me well. I was well treated. 他对我很好,他把我治疗的很好,他请我吃的很好.等都可以.


The howling monster with his outcry filled the cavern山洞里回荡着这个咆哮如雷的巨兽的嗥叫声. In the eerie silence of the cavern,the only sound that could be heard was made by water which dripped continuously from the high dome above them.


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