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您好! day 白天 night 晚上 day and night 夜以继日的、日日夜夜的 望您采纳,谢谢您的支持!

day and night 英 [dei nd nait] 美 [de nd nat] 日日夜夜;白天黑夜;夜以继日地, 日夜;不舍昼夜

从汉语角度来说意思是一样的,但英文习惯上用day and night 就好比我们经常说日日夜夜,而不说夜夜日日一样

all day and all night整日整夜用all day and night 会产生歧义,会有2个意思:整日整夜,或 整日和夜

[图文] 14. Day and night, the little boy is at his compute r, playing computer games, as if ______ with them. A.to have great fun B.having great fun C.having a great fun D.to have a great fun 悬赏: 0 答案豆 提问人

The scenery is different in 4 seasons and also changed during the night and day 可能是被动语态.be +动词过去分词.also的位置可以放在be动词前.、

can i need you in my lifecan i keep you close to meday and night时间走得远比我们以为得还快明明拥抱过却还像梦一样不实在而我已深深眷恋你无药可救的眷恋你so can i need you in my lifecan i keep you close to meday and nightcan i need you foreveri wanna have you close to meday and night如何来解释这感受应许和奢望两头在爱里揣测oh原来简单的期望中爱衍生许多反应美丽又脆弱

re like.And if we never really get the picture right,how many of us ever really win the fight.We're like night and day, day and night, you, youNight and day, you are the oneOnly you beneath the moon and under the sunWhether near to me, or farIt's no

日以继夜 day and night 日日夜夜,昼夜,夜以继日[亦作night and day] 以上来源于:《21世纪大英汉词典》例句:This slim jeans is as if telling thestory of day and night. 这一款修长的牛仔裤就像白天和黑夜的故事.Working all day and night means you are nothing but your job. 日以继夜的工作意味着你除了工作一无所有.So he kept on working with a digital computer day and night. 于是他夜以继日地用一台数字计算机工作着.


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