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disappearancen.消失,不见; 消散; 失踪; 出走,一去不返复数: disappearances1.Police are investigating the disappearance from council offices of confidential files.警察正在调查市政办公室机密档案被盗一案.2.She described Mr Hutchinson as nervous and jumpy after his wife's disappearance.据她描述,哈钦森先生自从妻子失踪后变得神经兮兮、一惊一乍的.


disappear: [ .dis'pi ] v. 消失 词形变化: 名词:disappearance 动词过去式:disappeared 过去分词:disappeared 现在分词:disappearing 第三人称单数:disappears 例句与用法: 1. my wallet has disappeared from the table. 我放在桌子上

名词: disappearance 动词过去式: disappeared 过去分词: disappeared 现在分词: disappearing 第三人称单数: disappears [同]vanish go away

名词:失踪, 消失,不见, 消散, 出走,一去不返[例句]He's our lead suspect in daisy's disappearance.我们认为他是戴西失踪案的主要嫌犯.复数:disappearances

disappear是动词,意为:不见,消失;不复存在,灭绝disappearance才是名词,有复数,为: disappearances

消失:disappear; fade away 如果你真心,我便致死不虞(至死不渝).If you mean it from your heart, I will never change untill death.


Be sure of是动词短语"确信"的意思,在句中作谓语.变为一般疑问句,be动词提前了.


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