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consideration of 考虑……;顾及…… The Consideration Of Lacking Humanism Care In Modern Hospital 现代医院人文关怀缺失的思考 consideration for 也有“考虑”的意思,更多的表示:抄 关心;注意;重视 ;体谅;I stayed at home all day

英文:for consideration中文:考虑很高兴为您解答祝你生活愉快,学习进步如果你对这个答案有什么疑问,请追问如果满意记得采纳哦~~

for you consideration 正确翻译是 “供”你考虑跟 for your reference 供你参考For your information 供你当讯息

be-eligible-for-consideration 有资格考虑 双语例句 1 The Minister says the idea is worthy of consideration. 部长说这个想法值得考虑. 2 Digital features have become a more important consideration crucial for some whenchoosing a car to buy. 数码功能已成为人们选购汽车时一项更重要的考虑因素,对有些用户来说,甚至是一项决定性的因素.

consideration / knsdren; knsdren/ n [U] action of considering (consider 1) or thinking about sth 考虑: Please give the matter your careful consideration. 此事请你仔细考虑. * The proposals are still under

是一种警告的语气,电影公司为了防止盗版,在最初的地方加入警告的语句.for your consideration 是说"为了你自己着想".意思很明白就是不要做违法的事情(盗版)

Should this application meet with your favorable consideration,I will do my utmost to justify the confidence you may repose in me.对此申请,贵公司如惠予考虑,本人将尽最大的忠诚与努力,为贵公司效劳.I hope you will give favorable consideration

consideration英 [knsd're()n]美 [kn,sd'ren]n. 考虑;原因;关心;报酬[网络短语]Consideration 对价,考虑,体贴careful consideration 深思熟虑,细心考虑,谨慎考虑interworking consideration 互连的考虑

send suggestions to author for consideration向作者发送建议供审议suggestions[sdestnz]n.建议( suggestion的名词复数 ); 暗示; 细微的迹象; 使人作(尤其是不好的事情的)推测的理由提出建议;点建议;对策建议;改进建议consideration英 [knsdren] 美 [knsdren]n.考虑,考察; 照顾,关心; 报酬; 尊敬考虑;对价;体贴;思考复数: considerations

for your consideration,就是让你自己去考虑,去猜想的意思.


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