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paragraph 英 [prgr:f] 美 [prgrf] n.段落; 分段符号 vt.将…分段; 写短文报导 复数: paragraphs 过去式: paragraph 过去分词: paragraphed 现在分词: paragraphing 第三人称单数: paragraphs 更多资料1. Look at the

paragraph英 ['prgrf] 美 ['prrf] n. 段落;短评;段落符号vt. 将…分段How would you take this paragraph? 你怎么理解这一段?《21世纪大英汉词典》It will be clearer if you delete the last paragraph. 如果你删去最后那一段,它将会更清楚.《21世纪大英汉词典》The teacher taught the students how to paragraph an essay. 老师教学生如何把一篇文章分段.《21世纪大英汉词典》

paragraph [英]'prr:f [美]prrf n. 段落;分段符号 vt. 将…分段;写短文报导 [例句]I wrote the story , including one paragraph about the program that got david lauded as a statesman.笔者对此做过报道,其中有一段介绍了这个计划.

paragraph 英 ['prgrf] 美 ['prrf] n. 段落;短评;段落符号vt. 将…分段

introductory paragraph介绍性段落双语例句1The main content is as follows: First, the introductory paragraph.全文主要内容如下:首先,导论部分.2When our testers encountered a story with a boldface introductory paragraph, 95 percent of them viewed all or part of it.在阅读一篇有粗体字内容提要的文章时,95%的受试者会阅读整个内容提要部分.


paragraphn.[C]1. (文章的)段,节Translate the following paragraphs into Chinese.将下列各段译成中文.2. (报刊的)短评,短讯Did you see the paragraph about the stock market?你有没有看到有关股票市场的那则短讯?3. 段落符号vt.1. 写短文报导2. 将分段The students were asked to paragraph an essay in class.学生们被要求在课堂上给一篇文章分段.vi.1. (为报刊)写短评(或杂评)

expository paragraph 解释说明段落

opening paragraph开头段双语对照词典结果:网络释义1. 开始部分例句:1.The opening paragraph seems to contain a howler about a non-existent "newly elected spanish government". 文章开头段落便存在一个低级错误,出现了一个本不存在的“新当选的西班牙政府”.


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