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save the sharks的翻译是:拯救鲨鱼.1、save(英文单词)及物动词 vt.1. 救,挽救[(+from)]He saved me from drowning.他救了我,使我免遭溺死.The doctor saved the child's life.这位医生挽救了孩子的生命.2. 节省,省去.2、the(英文单

save the sharks 拯救鲨鱼 你的采纳我的动力 很高兴能够帮助你

save the sharks 拯救鲨鱼

We should hlep to save sharks shark-skin like swimsuit A new high-performance swimsuit,developed by mimicking the skin of sharks,will be worn by top athletes in Athens from this week.The revolutionary new fabric,developed by Speedo,is the


你好!save the sharks拯救鲨鱼


你好!save the sharks拯救鲨鱼

我们应该帮助拯救鲨鱼:We ought to help save the sharks 希望能帮到你,如有疑问,可继续追问

您好,翻译为 We should hlep to save sharks 希望帮助你


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