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sign up for1、释义:注册,选课;报名参加2、短语:Sign-up for Points 注册赚钱 Sign me up for the extended warranty 给我再签一些保单3、例句:One great way to meet new people is to sign up for a class that you always wanted to tak...


sign me up,email me exclusive news and special offers. 登录我,电子邮件我的独家新闻和特别优惠。sign me up,email me exclusive news and special offers. 登录我,电子邮件我的独家新闻和特别优惠。

我给你说一下注册方法: ①注册账号。网址:https://signup.leagueoflegends.com/en/signup/index?ref=51ffc16c33701586472630 反应速度有点慢很正常,最多几分钟就行。有时,它会提示账号、邮箱已存在,那应该是你注册成功了,网页没反应过来而...

Join The League Username:(这是用户名 字母或数字组合)注意是登陆名 就像国内的QQ号一样 Your username is used to login to the game. Password:...


I have studied in her classe last summer ,she suggested this school to me .I'm preparing the materials which is need to sign up ,I will ...



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